Wealthy Affiliate Review and Overview

Wealthy Affiliate Review and Overview

Overheard about success and reviews for Wealthy Affiliate ? So here is my personal review for WA since I joined internet marketing on September 2013 and in addition an overview what is wealthy affiliate all about.

Internet Marketing =Wealthy Knowledge = Wealthy Affiliate

Are you fully aware what is internet marketing? How is it related to affiliate marketing program? What is this all about? Internet Marketing is one of the most popular online business options nowadays. Let me walk you through the basic understanding of this kind of unlimited income opportunity.

“Be Wealthy with Knowledge and Your Knowledge Will Bring You Wealth”

I’m one of those who have been frustrated in looking for a legit online business. Due to some failures I lost my passion and interest for a while. After a few months I came up to my senses and question myself why I can’t do it! to think that I tend to find success in the past jobs I’ve done. Something is wrong. I went through each failed online business I’ve tried and they are all common in offering “Easy money”. I see I was easily convinced through such tactic.

There is no such easy money! except if you win through lottery. And one thing that held me up before is when it fails, I don’t have any option because I don’t know anything. I just follow instruction and order from someone out there who just keep saying pay this buy this.

This is a total wake up call!!!!!! I need to know what was going on, BASICALLY !

While reading a blog, someone recommends me to a company, internet marketing based Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve tried affiliation program before and I have to pay, just to follow “do this, do that”. I don’t believe anymore in a system that says “ you don’t need to do anything, the system will all do for you”. Be aware of that words guys.

However, seeing through the description, THIS MUST BE REAL, the offer was like below caught me up…

Okay I want to learn and know it more. However, do I need to pay and how much?

As much as I am willing to learn, I signed IN. A good try because I will not be losing any money initially. To my surprise I didn’t expect what I went though. It doesn’t look like any affiliation program. I have a feeling that I went inside a community of a real company dealing with real people within a huge group.

There were welcome messages which offers help on how to start. The founder sent me a walk-through video to fully understand what is Wealthy Affiliate all about.

I started by knowing some of the members inside, there are live chats and online discussions. OH, I appreciate how members are willing to help one another. They share there success and DO’s and DON’T’s experiences. I love the environment which seems like I’m in a face book page, chatting with friends,having fun while learning.

The founders don’t speak ahead on how much money you will make but they emphasize building your own foundation-that is the “knowledge”. And I believe that, much more as I go through the lessons.

I feel so strong and confident as I go through the lessons, I’ve never been so thankful and glad by the effort Wealthy affiliate shares to everyone. From this I come up with the importance of investing on knowledge. I created the title of this blog based from my experience at WA which reads,

Be Wealthy with Knowledge and Knowledge will Bring you Wealth”.

They provide everything for me, learning materials, personal supports and my success depends on my effort. I like that better, I’m having a good time. I love writing blogs, sharing my ideas and aspirations at the same time I’m building a strong foundation of a long term income opportunity.

Oh, I haven’t answered the question above yet. What is internet marketing though affiliation? This is what I learned:

Basically, the overview is you will create a website, a niche of your interest, with informative, sense and useful content to your reader. Through this you will create a massive traffic. A lot of visitors will come to your site because of your content. So how will you earn? Through affiliation, you can advertise products related to your niche (sometimes not related), make product review, or you can advertise your own product. Every click and sales your website produced you earn a corresponding commission. There are a lot of ways to earn which the training inside WA elaborate more.

I’m almost there, but all the information’s,teachings and the knowledge Wealthy Affiliate showered on me is my real wealth. No one can take that from me. It’s mine forever and that will help me reach my financial goals in the future.

Cheers, Good Luck and God Bless Wealthy Affiliate !!!!!!!

Thank you everyone for reading my blog. For any comments and feedback please feel free to leave them at comments box. I’ll be honored to answer them. I suggest if you are passionate too, to establish a long term income opportunity sign in, come with us and know WA more for FREE.

Have A Healthy Wealthy Life!

Truly Yours,