We are normal everyday people, just

We are normal everyday people, just

We are normal everyday people, just like you, who have shared the same struggles and embarrassments you have because of body weight. Hearing comments like ''gee, you''re gaining a little weight'', or ''married life is sure changing you'', with a kind pat on the tummy. Or who hasn''t heard ''your face really looks pretty today'', and some just prefer to say nothing , but you know what they must be thinking!

The reality is, most people are more concerned with the way they look than the way you look. But, try telling that to someone who has just squeezed a size 16 body into a size 14 pants. Being overweight makes most people very self-conscious. Not to mention what it is doing to your health, and your self esteem!

For years, I worked out at a gym 3 days a week, and did aerobic classes 3-4 days a week, and still had to wonder how I could be one of the heaviest people in the class even though I could keep up. I wondered why I wasn''t losing weight. I started to think that maybe I was supposed to be fat. Even worse, some days I would make myself believe that I were really in shape and everyone else was just too skinny.

But as my clothes sizes kept changing, in the wrong direction I might add, I realized that this was a problem. I did not want to be fat! I had read all kinds of diet books, tried all kinds of products, ate more, ate less, increased my workouts, stuffed myself full of ''diet foods'', low-fat, no-fat, and still saw no results. I felt like a walking wealth of information, but could not get results from any of it! There was so much information out there, and I read everything I could get my hands on! But there was one slight problem. Every new study seemd to contradict the previous one!

I was getting so confused!

So we decided to create a program that was effective once and for all! We took years of studying, working out, trying different programs, a huge base of knowledge, and turned it into .

Stuart and Julie Rayburn created the Take Back Your Health Program to empower everday people with the knowledge that we have gained from 15 years of learning and acting on everything we could find about health and fitness. We have taken all that we have learned and created a program comprised of what we have found to be the most effective stategies to transform your body and still maintain your busy life. We each have personally lost over 40 pounds and would like to share these secrets with you.

Take Back Your Health is the first program of its kind! It combines the nutritional elements necessary for quick and permanent weight loss, throws in a unique weight training routine to firm up sagging body parts and build muscle, adds a nice dose of aerobic training to strengthen your heart muscle and burn body fat, and adds a mental element so that you are constantly asking yourself thought provoking positive questions. Best of all, you are not required to spend hours working out, or spend hard-earned money on nutritional supplements or meal replacement drinks! In 30 minutes a day, you will have done your aerobics and weight training!

Now that we have developed a program that we KNOW works, we have tested it, and found it to be everything that we say it is, we want to share it with you! Everyday we are bombarded with new research data tying obesity to early deaths in a variety of miserable ways. Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer. The worst part is you don''t even have to be grossly overweight.

Having as little as 15 extra pounds can put you at risk!

Don''t end your life early just because of a few pounds! We can show you how to lose those extra pounds for good! You can get your health back, and have a beautiful slim body to go along with it!

We are so sure of the results that you will get from following our program that we offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee if you do not get the results that we promise!

So, what are you waiting for? Commit to giving yourself a better life!