Ice Therapy

Ice Therapy

The human body responds well to therapies that use cold and heat. These are called thermal therapies and are often used in conjunction with one another to relieve swelling and reduce pain.

Ice Therapy

Ice therapy is often used to reduce swelling. Ice causes veins in the treated areas to constrict. This constriction numbs the area to pain. When the cold is removed, blood rushes into the treated area and with it the nutrients necessary for healing.

Ice Therapy:

  • Reduces inflammation and swelling
  • Minimizes tissue damage
  • Numbs tissue to pain

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is used to increase circulation and relax muscles that often tense and spasm in the presence of pain. Used together and with other therapies, patients often experience pain relief after their first Chiropractic visit.

Heat therapy can be applied in various ways, ranging from simple heating pads to gel packs or ultrasound. The doctor will choose the method which best suits the patient''s needs.

Heat Therapy:

  • Increases blood supply to the muscles, allowing them to relax, flex, and heal
  • Reduces the ability of the treated area to convey the sense of pain to the brain (This is especially important for chronic pain sufferers.)
Ultrasound is one of the more exciting heat therapy treatments available today. When the doctor directs the small Ultrasound wand at your point of pain, it sends ultrasonic waves deep into the tissue to effectively massage the deeper layers of the tissue, warming them and allowing healing to occur more quickly. It reduces swelling and increases blood flow. When used on muscle tissue, it increases flexibility and relieves spasms.

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