Effective Nutritional and Dietary Supplements And The Birth of This Site!

Effective Nutritional and Dietary Supplements And The Birth of This Site!

Thank you for your interest in PureHealthWorks, and the most effective nutritional and dietary supplements that make up pure good health.

My name is Elaine and this website is "my baby". How it all came about is best described as one of those inexplicable moments in life that just happen, and before you know it, you are sitting there asking yourself, "How did I get here"?

I had a wonderful husband, Steve, family and a rewarding career. But I also had a growing curiosity about the power of the web as an income generator. Problem was, I hardly knew a thing about the internet, other than how to send e-mails, and I was fairly certain I couldn''t make much money doing that!

Hey, Steve here, and I can vouch for the fact that Elaine''s Internet savvy was lacking. She first began promoting e-books on the web, but unfortunately, was far from successful! Well, I forgave her for that, and thought our Internet business adventures were over. Little did I know! Even though I was very experienced with computers and the internet, I myself never had a burning desire to build an web-based business.

Elaine: Yes, little did he know that I continued to research and educate myself about building a fun, online business. I pulled up more sites than I could count and read everything that would help. One thing became evident very quickly, and that was the number of "instant websites" offered out there that promise to produce wealth almost as "instantly".

Steve: She was smart enough to shy away from those!

Elaine: Yes, and so glad I did. To this day, I do not know how I came across Site Build It, and Dr. Ken Evoy. I was so excited about this web hosting program and just knew that I had to do it. I let the thought of building my very own little website perk in my mind for a few days. The program cost $299 and that was a lot of money for me to put into something I knew so little about - building a website. Yikes! Scary and exciting at the same time.

Steve: We have always had a pact between us that we discuss expenditures before they happen. Well, I guess Elaine had sufficient faith in Site Build It and herself that she actually ordered a copy without telling me what she had done.

Elaine: Yes, like I said, I waited for several days to actually "place the order" and then one day, I took a deep breath and just did it! I was really certain, though, that it was the right thing to do, because I just knew this would work for me. And, it has, beyond my wildest dreams!

Steve: I have to admit I was actually quite excited when I found out about the program she had ordered, because I could see for myself what an opportunity SBI presented. If we could combine that opportunity with the passion Elaine has had for years, that of pure good health, and the role that effective nutritional and dietary supplements have in a long, energetic lifespan.

Elaine: Millions of people buy nutritional supplement. Our quest for better health, a more energetic lifestyle, and relief from a variety of health problems tops a whopping $4 billion dollars for nutritional supplements spending annually. Can you believe it?

Steve: So she utilized all the awesome tools that Site Build It offers, coupled with her knowledge, energy and passion about this subject, and PureHealthWorks.com is the result!

Elaine: Well, Let me tell you what has happened since I took that deep breath and placed the SBI order! We now can offer a comprehensive site about effective nutritional and dietary supplements, helping countless others in their quest for better health. Our greatest satisfaction in life has come from being of service to people, and this site is just so rewarding!

Steve: Yes, definitely. PureHealthWorks'' traffic and the resulting income are steadily increasing all the time! We have forged relationships with wonderful caring people around the world, and been helped ourselves along the way. How fun is that!

Elaine: I see the day coming very, very soon when I can quit my job (as much as I love it) and stay home, free to devote my time to my family, PureHealthWork''s mission, and the role of effective nutritional and dietary supplements in relieving and/or preventing the chronic health problems of today.! It is the most thrilling thing to have turned a passion (it could be your hobby or skill) into a viable online business. And you can too! If I can, you can, believe me!!

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