Beliefs of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Beliefs of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture is one of the oldest form of medical treatment known to man. Archaeologists have dug up remains of figures showing the meridians and acupuncture points.

Since most of the information was passed down verbally, only a few written documents have been found that pertain to the teaching of acupuncture.

Traditional Chinese Medicine views man as having two parts: the physical being and the mental being. “Spiritual” has a connotation of a set of religious beliefs but in this case it simply means the mental part, such as the mind is a spiritual part of the person. In other words, something that is present but not able to be touched or seen.

Each part interacted and influenced the individual as a whole.

This made man composed of two parts with only the physical part being seen by humans. This was known as the individual.

The spiritual element was thought of as being part of the whole universe connecting living beings on a higher more abstract level. The mind was used to connect to this level through mediation processes.

Just like the blood flows through the human system, the Life energy, Qi (Chi) from the spiritual world also has a flow system. These systems are known as channels or “meridians”. These meridians relate to the Nervous and Circulatory systems found in the human body.

These meridians were first noted in 1937 by Sir Thomas Lewis. The actual channels were found by Dr Kim Bong Han of University of Pyongang in North Korea. German doctors were able to prove their present by tracing electric flow in the meridians.

On each of these meridians, there are points that allowed the energy to transfer from the spiritual plane to the physical body and the reverse. These are the acupuncture points accessed during treatment.

The seven spiritual systems of the spiritual person are represented by a “Chakra”. The Chakras are located on the ethereal body of the person but corresponds with the seven nerve plexus of the physical body.

The Chakras are usually pictured as color wheels of light along the spine of the body. Some people claim seeing these body Chakras as a halo of color around a person.

To understand how this system works think of a cell phone as the body. The mechanism of the phone enable the message which is sent on a sound wave to be heard by the user of the phone. Although the sound wave can’t be seen, the phone enables the person to hear the message sent.

The airways used to send the message is the same as the median that is used by the body’s Qi.

When the Qi is blocked causing a stop in the flow through the body, the acupuncture points are used to remove the blockage.

Many people don’t believe in acupuncture since it doesn’t conform to Western modern day theory of medical treatment using the chemical compounds taken into the body for treatment.

Since the Qi in the body enables the body to heal itself (self healing) there is no need for the foreign chemicals that Western medicine uses. Natural herbs are used in place of the harsh chemicals to aid the body when necessary.