weight loss and vacation

weight loss and vacation

Dealing with the up''s and down''s of weightloss

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weight loss and vacationBy Emma on May 30, 2009

This was a challenge. Florida for two weeks. We had a condo with a kitchen so that made it easier. I actually enjoy cooking while I’m on vacation. The challenge was day trips. Disney World I was dreading. The reality was I was impressed. I hadn’t been to Disney in many years they now have a large selection of healthy fast food snacks- fresh fruit, veggie sticks etc. The rest of the day trips were a bit harder because of the treats- icecream etc. When I did indulge I chose carefully -kiddie cone of frozen yogurt. And you know what? It was enough. Other than that I packed picnic lunches. We ate dinner out a couple of times- I am glad the US is starting to give out nutritional information for their meals.The best part of the vacation was that I could wear summer clothes!! Bathing suits, shorts. I had some fun shopping at the outlet malls- that is a first in a longtime!!!

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