Health Benefits of Juicing

Health Benefits of Juicing

Health experts agree that to protect ourselves from illness and disease and to enjoy optimum health, we should eat more fruits and vegetables. The chemicals in plants, phytochemicals, protect the body from many forms of cancer, as well as heart disease and many age-related diseases like arthritis. Juicing with fresh fruits and veggies offers phytochemicals, nutrients and enzymes in an easily digestible fashion for your body to absorb quickly and with maximum benefits.

How does juicing help you get the best nutrition? It takes a pound of carrots to make a glass of juice. It would be hard to consume that many carrots in a day. It takes little or no digestion to assimilate juiced foods directly into the body so all the healing nutrients in fruits and veggies find their way right into your bloodstream.

There are 55,000 enzymes in the human body, which are one of three different kinds.

  • Food enzymes come from the raw food we eat. Heating food to a high temperature (114 degrees F) destroys these enzymes and when you eat only cooked food, you aren’t getting the enzymes necessary to the proper functioning of the body.

The use of fresh, raw fruits and veggies in juicing makes this a powerhouse of enzymes which play an essential role in protecting cells from damage.

Fruits and vegetables are also excellent sources of other essential vitamins and minerals. Juicing breaks these down into a liquid form easily absorbed by the body. The fiber in whole fruit and vegetables, removed through juicing, traps the nutrients so the body can’t absorb them. Through juicing nearly 100% of nutrients are absorbed by the body.

Fruits and vegetables, like our human bodies, are made up largely of water. Juicing also makes this water available to the body in a pure natural form.

Purchasing fresh juice in a grocery store or in a juice bar can be expensive. Why enjoy the benefits of juicing by making your own.

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