Green Eco-Friendly Toys For Children

Green Eco-Friendly Toys For Children

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Why Green Eco-Friendly Toys?

Giving our children green eco-friendly toys and playthings that are chemically safe and sustainable is a healthy green living choice to make. We love to give our children toys and seeing them smile and having fun; its makes us feel good and we feel joy for them. Our children are the future. Going green with them gives them a smart, safer childhood and it protects their future on a greener planet for generations to come. You will find that you will teach your children by example. Through you they will learn that living a green lifestyle is healthier and much gentler to the environment. The healthy way to go is to buy green eco-friendly toys for your children.

Green Eco-Friendly Toys Encourages Imagination and Creativity

Generally toys in the green category are more simple in design and function. These simpler toys do not have batteries, lots of small parts, various metals, etc. Natural toys stimulate your child’s imagination when they play with them. For example, a battery operated truck, robot, or other one trick type toy, usually entertains your child for a much shorter time. When you provide your children with a simple natural toy such as building blocks, a doll house, or wooden animals, these toys encourage your child’s mind to sparkle, create make believe places and exciting things. This is so beneficial for their mental growth and physical development. Green eco-friendly toys can entertain your children for hours and hours, day after day.

Green Eco-Friendly Toys Do Not Harm Your Children or the Environment

Another big advantage of eco-friendly toys is that they pose no harm to the environment, and they do not contain harmful toxins, PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), small parts that children can swallow, excessive packaging, and batteries, etc. The other big issue is that most toys are made from non-sustainable materials. That means that each time you purchase one of these toys you are contributing to the landfills which can harm the environment. With each year that goes by, toy manufacturers are making more eco-friendly green toys, and the result is more variety and that prices continues to drop.

What To Look For In Green Eco-Friendly Toys

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Wood toys are excellent green eco-friendly toys. You might want to look for FSC-certified wood toys and products, which means it meets a forest management standard that is eco-friendly and from responsible growers of trees. If the wood is painted, it should be with a water based paint. These wood toys are made by mother nature, and they last so much longer than their plastic counterparts. Wooden toys can be passed along from one child to the next; they have the ability to last for generations. Once a wooden toy is not used anymore and it is discarded, it will decompose in a natural manner that is not harmful to the earth ever. Other green eco-friendly toys are blocks, dolls, animals, and other toys, that are made out of natural and organic materials available. Be sure to check the tags for these toys to make sure they are “certified organic” or “ certified non-toxic”. Plush stuffed toys can contain polyester plush which again is made from plastic. It is really too bad since plastic can be so useful in our lives. Yet at the same time so much of the plastic manufactured can be harmful to people and the environment. Green eco-friendly toys are a safer choice.

Check To Make Sure The Toy Is PVC Free

PVC is hazardous to adults and it is even more dangerous to babies and children. It pollutes our environment continually after its manufacture and continues to pollute in the landfill. There are many toys out there that may contain polyvinyl chloride like baby teethers, rubber duckies, pool toys, and toys for older children as well. Some of these PVC toys also contain phthalates plasticizers and chemical compounds. This makes PVC plastic more flexible for softer plastic toys. We all know babies chew on everything. If you are considering a toy for a child, and there is no label or information to identify the toy is PVC free, then use your judgement. If the toy is plastic, bends easily, or soft and has that sort of vinyl smell, It would be best not to buy if for a child. To choose an green eco-friendly toy for your child would lessen exposure to potentially harmful chemicals in your child’s life.

Buying Used Toys Can Be Green and Eco-Friendly

It is very eco-friendly to purchase used toys that are still in very good condition.
A child generally does not know where toys come from. Hand me downs are often welcome as younger children may like having a toy once owned by an older sibling. Good used toys can sometimes be found at yard sales, flea markets and maybe even on some online auctions. Buying a toy locally is environmentally sound as there is no transportation expenses and packaging waste. Yet these toys will have another chance of having a useful life and they can entertain and delight children for years to come. A good use of your own unwanted toys would be donating them to a local charity, church, or neighborhood preschool. All of these actions keep the toys out of the landfill much longer.

Green Eco-Friendly Toys Are The Best For A Healthy Green Living Lifestyle.

One day when your children are grown, they will thank you and appreciate all the careful decisions you made for them. They will most likely carry on the healthy green living lifestyle you have taught them. A generation from now, the green lifestyle will be even more mainstream than it is now. Those green eco-friendly toys your give your children are a healthy step in protecting them from potential harmful chemicals. Your children will be adults in a world where there will be fewer natural resources, and hundred of thousands, if not millions, more people. Each and everything you do, no matter how small, will help mother earth and her children, and all the generations to come. Choosing green eco-friendly toys for your children is a healthy green living choice to make. We are visitors today on this wonderful planet and we must do everything we can to keep it that way for a healthy and brilliant future.

By Carla Calhoun