Cure for baldness closer to reality

Cure for baldness closer to reality

Baldness in men… is one of the most sensitive topics. Men get very touchy when it comes to that receding hair line. And trust the fact men do even get into depression when they see the hair coming off. Hair fall and dandruff etc are main reasons but hereditary is also one of the chief reasons for baldness..

Well lots of scientist face this problem, and as matter of fact lots of scientist keep doing reasons for baldness and also cure which is way too important.

News from Washington has reported that researchers are now getting closer to getting cure for baldness. Cure for baldness is going to be reality soon.

They have found that the

Baldness in men
Baldness in men

re is abnormal quantity of protein known as Prostaglandin D2, which is present in the scalp of men who pattern of baldness.

This discovery is known to be founding for cure for baldness, will lead to treatments for hair loss in men for the common cause. Research has been done by the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

In study they saw in human as well as animals models that prostaglandin called as PGD2 and proteins derivative 15-dPGJ2 is known to inhibit growth of hair. The PGD2 inhibition of hair growth occurs because of receptor known as GPR44. This is promising therapeutic objective for the androgenetic alopecia in both women as well as men who have hair loss or thinning of hair.

It has been seen that sale pattern baldness is found among 8 out of every 10 men, who are under 70 years or age. Thus, causing hair follicles to shrink as well as produce microscopic hairs that grow for a smaller time duration.

Researchers found levels of the PGD2 were elevating in the bald scalp tissue and are present at the levels which is three times bigger than as found in the relative haired scalp of the men who have the for androgenetic alopecia. Further in the research when PGD2 was add to cultured hair follicle then PGD2 treated hair were significantly but shortly, the PGD2’d derivative could completely inhibit the hair growth.

Prostaglandins have well characterized role in numerous of the body’s function that is controlling growth of cell, constricting as well as dilating the smooth muscles tissue and Prostaglandin F2alpha, which is known to increase hair growth.

In addition to this, the researchers further found that PGD2 inhibits the hair growth as well as other prostaglandins enhance and regulate the pace of the growth of hair.

Basically these studies look on the hair problem of men called as for androgenetic alopecia in men, but the researchers think this represents common pathway for both men as well as women with the for androgenetic alopecia.

The study published in the Science Translational Medicine.