Affordable Health Insurance Plans

Affordable Health Insurance Plans

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Cheap Health Insurance Programs - Find the perfect Health Insurance plan: individual health insurance plans, dental insurance plans, medicare plans, pharmacy and disability.Wed, 18 Dec 2013 06:42:16 +0000enhourly1 What are some affordable health insurance companies for young adults?, 18 Dec 2013 06:42:16 +0000ihealth by WoW: What are some affordable health insurance firms for young adults?

Im hunting for some overall health insurance. anybody know of some excellent reasonably priced organizations?

Answer by mbrcatzWith overall health insurance, you get what you pay for. Very good coverage is expensive.

Go see a nearby agent, to help you balance coverages and charges to get one thing you can afford.

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]]> Is there an affordable health insurance plan?, 17 Dec 2013 05:38:22 +0000ihealth by mary c: Is there an inexpensive health insurance plan?

Hey, I am 17 years old and I have a baby. We both have MOLINA insurance. But my boyfriend who’s 19 doesnt have any health insurance coverage. He functions full time and is about to be going to college component time. Effectively his wisdom teeth are coming in crooked and he cant get them fixed due to the fact it costs so much. Is there any overall health insurance coverage strategy that wont price us an arm and a leg? And doesnt have a catch?

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]]> tell me what you know about health insurance premium deductions before and after taxes?, 16 Dec 2013 04:49:42 +0000ihealth by Gabby: Please inform me what you know about health insurance premium deductions prior to and following taxes?

How does one implement employee health insurance contribution deductions prior to federal tax withholding?

Kat – that’s exactly what I imply, but your employer has set it up that way. Not all health insurance deductions are pre-tax. I want to know how this is accomplished…….is it some huge legal proceding, or is it a matter of telling your payroll specialist to make it all pre-tax.

Answer by the tax ladyYour employer decides to provide it this way.

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]]> What do you do for health insurance when working in the film industry?, 15 Dec 2013 03:51:40 +0000ihealth by Shane M: What do you do for health insurance when working in the film industry?

How would I go about acquiring health insurance if I have been to move to California and attempt getting work in the film sector soon after college?

Answer by natethenorskI’ve utilised PFI Benefits to buy my health insurance and have been extremely happy so far. You can call them at 888-211-5041 or go to

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]]> anyone know what ppo health insurances don’t have no deductible and no coinsurance ?, 14 Dec 2013 04:05:15 +0000ihealth by diamondgirl21: Does anyone know what ppo well being insurances never have no deductible and no coinsurance ?

I’ve been hunting for a very good affordable health insurance cuz the physician I need to see only requires ppo insurances :/ can a person give me a list of insurance that have no deductible and no coinsurance ? Please ! Aid

Answer by rtfmAny *inexpensive* overall health insurance coverage will have a deductible. That is just the way insurance coverage plans function. Most of them also require a copay.

If your revenue is low adequate, you could verify to see if you qualify for state health-related care.

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]]> How do you find affordable health insurance?, 13 Dec 2013 02:12:18 +0000ihealth by renne o: How do you discover affordable health insurance?

I have a friend of mine who lives in Florida. He had open heart surgery a few years ago. After the surgery was accomplished, the Dr walked in the space and told my pal he truly never ever needed the surgery to commence with. He is trying to uncover well being insurance coverage and he is having difficulty finding it due to the fact of his heart condition even though now he does not have one. Most of the wellness insurance coverage companies want more then $ 1500 a month to insure him. How does he find reasonably priced insurance coverage in the US?

Answer by Heatherif he’s not had any heart issues for that extended then by law the organizations can not count that as pre-existing! according to the portability act they cannot go back far more than a year for pre-existing. have him call his local Blue cross blue shield of Florida and get a cost quote. the only point that can be pre-existing is care/therapy inside the past year…

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]]> Switching health insurance plans during pregnancy?, 12 Dec 2013 00:56:29 +0000ihealth by atlbkk03: Switching health insurance plans throughout pregnancy?

Here is the story.. Each my wife and I perform and have personal health insurance plans though businesses. I planned to switch her to my strategy in the course of the open enrollment in August as mine provides better advantages and it would be efficient from September 1. Now, we just learned that my wife is 4-week pregnant. Will we have any difficulty claiming for the pregnancy-associated bills from my well being insurance provider (Blue Cross Blue Shield) following the switch? An additional query is that, the initial doctor’s check out is coming up in a few weeks. Could my wife use her insurance coverage for the first check out, then use my insurance right after the switch for subsequent visits as properly as the baby delivery? Thanks!

Answer by Insurancemost well being insurance will have a waiting period. Waiting implies no claim is permitted in the course of this period. Typical waiting period is 1 month.

The other issue is specified illnesses or conditions, usually is 120 days from the inception date. (no claim is allowed in the course of this period)

ask much more info from the agent (new plan). and study the fine print

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]]> for health insurance for children?, 10 Dec 2013 23:59:41 +0000ihealth by Catherine: Searching for overall health insurance coverage for young children?

I have a buddy , a single mother of two, is searching is hunting for an affordable health insurance for her children – 8 and 10.

The mother is 46, with Graves Disease and need her to take a couple of prescription drugs. She is at present not on any overall health insurance, given that her employer does not cover benefits.

She does not qualify for Medicaid given that her salary is 130K per year as independent consultant. She also receives kid support from her ex. Money is NOT the problem.

She wants to insure her children. Can she get insurance from Kaiser for her young children? She is worried that they might reject her since she has pre-current situations. Can she still just insure her children?

The qusetion is- do most insurance coverage call for mother to be insured before they can apply for young children?

Thank you for your help and interest. Any tip is valuable.

Answer by Go with the flowSchools supply wellness insurance.

Every single year, in that pile of paper that youngsters bring residence, there is a type.

This insurance coverage is extremely low cost.

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]]> does health insurance has more loophole and rights to deny the claims?, 09 Dec 2013 22:57:23 +0000ihealth by Ben Dean: Why does health insurance has far more loophole and rights to deny the claims?

Just wondering due to the fact most insurance such as automobile, life, loss/damage and residence has less deny the claims?

But for health insurance, it more particulars and many ifs and many guidelines on what to cover and what not to?

Why not make it basic like any other type of insurance such as home, life, accidents, and automobile?

Or other way about, make it more guidelines and particulars on what cover and what is not on all other insurance coverage which make claims becoming deny a lot more.

Answer by Donteven Worryaboutitbecause if insurance coverage firms can pretend to cover specific items that they truly never have to cover, they can make far more income off of you than if they have been simple with folks… it really is a sick a disgusting process

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]]> affordable health insurance is the best one out there for me? I have no health problems except BP I am 58?, 08 Dec 2013 22:19:10 +0000ihealth by Ann Marie: What affordable health insurance is the greatest one out there for me? I have no health problems except BP I am 58?

I will be divorced in two months and will have to locate my personal well being insurance. I have been with Anthem for 14 years and have no overall health troubles and no drugs except 1 blood pressure pill a day. I am waiting for a quote from Anthem for a single policy but I am afraid it will not be affordable. Thanks for all the help I can get!

Answer by John AI am sorry to hear that. I am afraid if you get authorized, it won’t be low-cost to have individual wellness insurance with Anthem. Mostly simply because of the age and the fact that you are need blood stress medication each day.

You can attempt government sponsored plans like Medicaid. Do you have a job? Simply because several firms offer insurance to their personnel.

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