The Preschool Years

The Preschool Years

#2071 MATCH ''EM UPThinking & Problem Solving, Language, Sensory, Fine MotorColors and shapes, letters and words, opposites and rhymes...all these concepts can be explored with this "classroom to go" that preschoolers can enjoy alone or with a friend. The flip side of the handy case is an "instant" desk. Includes 10 two-sided activity cards. 15" x 10".From 4 years - Primary School$15.99

Language, Social & EmotionalWhat''s one secret for raising a reader? Music! Familiar songs enjoyed by the entire family are a great way to build language skills like vocabulary, prediction and rhythm with your child. Our 60-minute collection features songs and includes a songbook with lyrics and music. CD and cassette means one for the car and one for home!For all ages$16.99

Fine Motor, Visual, Thinking & LearningIntroduce your child to the alphabet, sounds of letters, early counting, manners and more in this 24 song classic from Discovery Toys! Endorsed by early childhood educators and speech therapists as a great "first learning" tool. 65 minutes. Follow-along ABC chart included.Appropriate from 24 months to PreschoolTape $12.99 CD $13.99

#2560 WRITE STUFF ACTIVITIESFine Motor, LanguageThese 15 write-on/wipe-off activity cards introduce ready writers to letter information. They break down each letter into patterns and shapes your child will recognize - circles, lines etc. They''re also playful, interesting and infinitely reusable. Wipe-away wax pencil, holder and parents'' guide included.Appropriate from 3 years to Primary School$17.99

#2219 WRAP & LEARNVisual, Thinking & LearningThese challenging and self-correcting brain teasers can be enjoyed alone or with friends. Kids match letter combinations, patterns, pictures and shapes by wrapping the string around and around. Includes 32 6 7/16 x 2 5/16 inch cards.Appropriate from 4 years to Primary School$12.99

Visual, Thinking & Learning, Logic
Piecing puzzles helps your child build important pre-math and reading skills. As they complete a puzzle from the sum of its parts, preschoolers build skill at pattern recognition, and using visual cues! Our progressive set includes four each 4-, 6- and 9-piece 8 x 8 inch puzzles ... and the challenges grow with the piece count!
Appropriate from 3 years to Kindergarten

Creativity, Fine Motor, Thinking & Problem Solving, LanguagePlaying with shapes and patterns helps develop re-reading skills and introduces early geometry concepts! Here are 132 pieces of inviting, slip proof foam for children to work into patterns. Includes 34 progressively challenging designs, or kids can create their own.Appropriate from 4 years to Primary School$18.99

#2215 PIZZA, PAINT & PIE PHONICS PUZZLEVisual, Fine Motor, Thinking & LearningThis giant colorful puzzle teaches the correct sequence of the alphabet, identifies beginning word sounds and the upper- and lowercase forms of each letter. A great foundation for reading and a fun activity to enjoy with others. Finished size 32 x 24 inches.Appropriate from 3 years to Primary School$14.99

#2931 TOTE-N-TILE MOSAIC TILES SETCreativity, Fine MotorBoost dexterity and encourage creativity! Includes eight double-sided pattern cards of increasing intricacy. Terrific for travel! 100 tiles store neatly in the 9-3/16 x 7 inch box.Appropriate from 5 years to Elementary School$13.99

#2109 BUSY BUGS LEARNING SETVisual, Tactile, Thinking & LearningIntroduce sorting, sequencing, matching and counting with our 36 crawly creatures and 23 activities on double-sided cards. Playing along helps build skills in reading-readiness, early math and language.Appropriate from 3 years to Primary School$13.99

#2268 DRESS-A-PILLARVisual, Tactile, Social & EmotionalThis friendly caterpillar lets preschoolers manipulate all the features they find on their own clothes: zippers, snaps, buttons, ties, buckles and Velcro straps. One of the pockets even includes a surprise. 23 inches long.Appropriate from 3 years to Kindergarten$19.99

#1615 PATCHES PULL AND GO TURTLE Thinking Problem Solving, Sensory, Fine MotorWhat a fun introduction to cause-and-effect! Babies will explore PATCHES'' bright colors and intriguing textures. Toddlers will pull PATCHES'' string and play along as the turtle wiggles in response. 7-1/2" long.Appropriate from 6 months - Toddler

#2234 FLIP FLOP FACES BEANBAG TOSS GAMEGross Motor, Visual, Thinking & LearningReady ... aim ... toss ... and flip! Kids build hand-eye coordination, depth perception, aim and accuracy as they toss the beanbag at silly face targets. Scoring boosts math skills. Set includes 6 target cups and 6 beanbags.Appropriate from 4 years to Primary School$14.99

#2995 3 IN 1 PLAY CENTER
Gross Motor, Social & EmotionalIn just a flash, this play center is ready for basketball, pitching practice, or ball toss. Kids can develop coordination, balance and movement. Includes game rules and four lightweight "house-friendly" balls. Folds to super-thin 42 x 20 inches and opens to 41 x 18 x 19 inches.Appropriate from 4 years to Primary School$29.99

#2156 BEAR BLOCKSLanguage, Social & Emotional, Thinking & Problem SolvingIntroduce fun matching and sorting activities as you play this colorful card-and-dice game. Helps develop visual discrimination, language and fine motor skills. Parent guide features additional play ideas.From 3 years - Primary School$9.99

#2850 A B SEAS ALPHABET FISHING GAMELanguage, Social & Emotional, Thinking & LearningMatching games are important for building pre-reading skills In this undersea theme, kids "fish" to find the letters upper- and lower-case that match their playing cards. For one to four players.Appropriate from 4 years to Kindergarten$18.99

#2971 SAFARI GEARS Creativity, Fine Motor, Thinking & Problem SolvingYour kids will be engaged in an advanced lesson of action/reaction as each gear placement affects the motion of the whole. A challenge to plan ahead! 51 pieces.Appropriate from 4 years to Primary School$19.99

#2933 FIRE HOSE HERO WATER TOYCreativity, Gross Motor
It''s imagination to the rescue! Just fill up the water-tight backpack, pump the nozzle, and choose between squirter and shower features. It''s the coolest gear for playing hero!
From 5 years - Primary School$19.99

#2723 DIG & DISCOVER EXPLORATION KITCreativity, Life Skills, Gross MotorImagine you''re an archaeologist, a paleontologist, or a beachcomber! Utility belt holds discovery pouch, sieve, hammer, chisel and utility tool. Utility tool features a brush, magnifying glass and digging implement. Set includes background guide.Appropriate from 4 years to Primary School$19.99

#2043 DOUBLE BUBBLE PLANEGross Motor, Thinking & Problem Solving, SensoryPour the solution, dip the plane''s propellers, squeeze the lever and whip up a big bubble storm! Read through the parent guide and use observation skills to learn more about the science of bubbles. It''s a fun way to develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Includes 2 oz. of bubble solution.From 3 years - Primary School$16.99

#2104 DISCOVERY SUB WATER RESISTANT FLASHLIGHTVisual, Creativity, Gross MotorAn underwater flashlight! Kids can take it into the tub or pool for dozens of new adventures: making bubbles glow, tracking a light beam underwater, flashing secret signals and much more. 7 1/4 inches, uses two C batteries, not included.Appropriate from 3 years to Primary School$15.99

#2101 TUB TOSS
Gross Motor
Keep bath toys tidy or make a basket and rack up some points. Suction cups fit easily onto tub or shower, and nylon fabric dries in a flash. Includes two house-friendly balls and net. 9 1/2 inches in diameter, net 12 inches long. Appropriate from 3 years to Primary School

#3790 GIVE IT A WHIRLGross Motor Fine Motor
Our wings soar to great heights and distances. Includes one rugged launcher and five high-flying disks.
Appropriate from 5 years to Elementary School$7.99

#1790 GOOD CATCH NUBBY BALLGross Motor, Tactile
Easy to catch - it''s the chubby nubs that make the difference. Young children will enjoy the squooshy texture. Older children will appreciate its bounce-ability. Approximately 8 inches in diameter.
Appropriate from 3 years to Elementary School$7.99

Creativity, Fine MotorThis carry-along cubbie is perfect for home and travel. The pull-out drawer conveniently stores supplies while work surface pulls out and flips to accommodate creative play. 12 inch surface. Does not include TINYVILLE MAGNETS or utensils.Appropriate from 3 years to Primary School$18.99

Visual, Creativity, Fine Motor, Thinking & LearningEight clever 23cm x 23 cm plastic pieces fit together in lots of different ways so that preschoolers can create a new jumbo roadway every time they play. It''s a playset that encourages imagination and spatial relationships. Set includes two travel trucks, carry along storage box and idea booklet.Appropriate from 4 years to Elementary School$19.99

Creativity, Fine Motor, Thinking & Learning, VisualGet started with 24 star-shaped disks that ask children to think spatially and build in any of six possible directions. Compatible with #2532 BUILDERS, BENDERS & MORE and #2529 BUILDERS & BENDERS Accessory SetAppropriate from 3 years to Primary School$19.99

Creativity, Fine Motor, Thinking & Learning, Visual50 Pieces in six shapes with handy carry-along bucket! Expand the playful possibilities with elbow, joints and even more stars-plus roto-balls that twist and turn and short straights, too! Complete with a storage bucket that doubles as a play station.Appropriate from 4 years-Primary School$24.99

Creativity, Fine Motor, Thinking & Learning, Visual
Looking for added dimension in your BUILDERS & BENDERS play? Try our dynamic new flat pieces, extensions and wheels - they''ll really get things moving with options for vehicles, towers and more! 25-piece set.
From 4 years - Primary School$12.99

Thinking & Learning, Fine Motor
Building the tower is just the beginning of this fast-action experience. Once the three oversized marbles are plopped and dropped into the funnel top, they race and spin, twirl and plunk... until they''ve finished the course and are ready for more. Kids will enjoy setting up the 8-piece track in different ways for ever-changing results. Parts are NOT compatible with Super Marbleworks Raceway.
Appropriate from 3 years to Kindergarten

Thinking & Problem Solving, Language, SensoryWill your eyes recognize what your ears are hearing? Play the tape and match the sounds to the pictures on your lotto board. It¹s a fun way to build identification skills, visual and auditory perception, and social skills! Appropriate from 3 years Primary School $14.99

Thinking Problem Solving, Creativity, Fine MotorImagine being a playful pioneer! Create imaginary forts, a jungle gym, playhouses and more with this fun set of stackable wooden building logs. As kids play, they''ll also stretch their problem-solving and creativity skills.Appropriate from 4 years - Primary School
Introduce children to the “science of spin”! With a combination of visual effects and the convenience of magnetic backs, these gears will turn any magnetic surface into a wondrous whirl of exciting cognitive and sensory play. Set of 8. Appropriate from 3 years Kindergarten$7.99 (Magnetic Desk Sold Separately)
#2883 BUILD & GOThinking Problem Solving, Creativity, Fine MotorChildren build play vehicles, construction skills and independence with BUILD & GO...because the decisions are all up to them! They decide which vehicle to build, and they decide what they''ll power with the battery pack. Power drill included. Uses 2AA batteries, not included.Appropriate from 4 years - Primary School
#2072 RACIN'' STATIONThinking & Problem Solving, Fine Motor, Gross MotorOpen the truck and set up a racing activity center, or get down on the floor and race your truck and car toward adventure! RACIN'' STATION combines imaginative fun - and lots of realistic activities - with fine motor and gross motor exploration.Appropriate from 3 years - Kindergarten

Sensory, Thinking & Problem Solving Treat your child to binoculars that really work, are fully adjustable and are sized just right to fit little faces and hands! Observing and examining the world from a new perspective will lead to lots of investigative discovery! Comes with handy carrying case.Appropriate from 4 years and up$15.99

Thinking & Problem Solving, Fine Motor

Building the tower is just the beginning of this fast-action experience. Once the three oversized marbles are plopped and dropped into the funnel top, they race and spin, twirl and plunk…until they’ve finished the course and are ready for more. Kids will enjoy setting up the 8-piece set in different ways for ever-changing results. Parts are not compatible with SUPER™ MARBLEWORKS® Raceway Construction Set.

Appropriate from 3 years - Kindergarten


#2479 OH RATS! Puzzle Game
Sensory, Social & Emotional, Thinking & Problem Solving

A fast-paced game and a puzzle all in one. With a flick of the spinner, kids can practice color-matching and pre-math skills as they match wits with others. Or they can fit the pieces together and “puzzle it” alone.

Appropriate from 3 years - Kindergarten


#2450 TIGER BRIGHT FLASHLIGHTCreativity, Life Skills, Social & EmotionalA flashlight is a powerful tool to help your child master the dark ... a big step toward independence and control! Ours even growls to frighten away the scary stuff. Uses two C batteries, not included.Appropriate from 3 years to Kindergarten$15.99

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