How to Get the Oils...

How to Get the Oils...

There are two ways to buy Young Living''s therapeutic grade essential oils:

1. Become a retail customer. It''s free, and it allows you to go onto the Young Living website at any time and place an order. You only need to create an account with Young Living, so you can place orders on your own. However, you will be paying full retail price for your products, and you won''t get any of the benefits of membership. The sign up form is short and easy. You just need a Young Living member''s number (mine is 1498960). Just click the button below, and it will take you to the sign up form, and auto-fill my number. Be sure to click on "retail member", if that''s what you''re choosing, and make sure my number is there as the enroller/sponsor.

2. Become a wholesale member. With a wholesale membership, you receive a 24% discount off the retail rate! It''s like a Sam''s Club/BJ''s/Costco membership, but for Young Living oils! Not to mention other benefits, including ways you can earn free oils (just ask me). Plus, if you choose to, you can start (or stop) selling the oils at any time. But there is NEVER any kind of minimum purchase requirements, and you are NEVER required to sell if you don''t want to. Buy what you want, when you want to, and never sell a thing unless YOU decide to. Sweet!

Rest assured, you won''t receive any pressure from me, or any other Real Health Revoilutionary, to buy more or to sell...and if you do, please contact me ASAP. In addition to your membership, you''ll always have me as your essential oils mentor, whenever you need me.

If you''re ready to become a wholesale member, please click on the button below. It will open a new window and take you to the sign up form. Then keep this window open and check out my easy-peasy sign-up tutorial, below.

Did you click on the "Become a Member" link? Did it open up a new window with the sign-up form? Good! Keep both windows open, so you can come back to this window and follow along with this tutorial. Really, it''s very easy, but the tutorial will answer some commonly-asked questions as you go along, and save you some time.

IMPORTANT!! If there are other oils you think you might want to add to your order, check out the online catalog first, and make a list of the oils you want, so you''re ready to add them to your order when asked. Young Living Product Guide I usually recommend getting an extra oil or supplement for any particular issue you want to address (Breathe Again for asthma, Helichrysum for scars, dissolving blood clots, and for stopping the bleeding for severe cuts, etc.), as well as an extra bottle of Peppermint if you get headaches, gas, or upset stomach. And I always recommend an extra bottle of Lavender--it''s good for everything. Trust me, you can never have too much Lavender! But the great thing is that you can order whatever you like, and as little or as much as you want. You know yourself and your family best!