Diabetes Defense/Isohumol (30 Days)

Diabetes Defense/Isohumol (30 Days)


Typically before people are properly diagnosed by their doctor with Type 2 Diabetes or even Prediabetes they have already suffered severe damage to their nerves, retina, kidneys, circulatory system, and other organs. It is critical for everyone to lower blood sugar levels so this condition does not progress to a more severe state.

Do you normally struggle with; weight gain, cravings, mood swings, low energy and constant fatigue?

These are some of the typical early warning signs that you may be one of nearly 80 million Americans with elevated blood sugar. You could be classified as diabetic, pre-diabetic, or just have a slightly higher than normal blood sugar. The above warning symptoms can be difficult; however, studies have proven the real concern of elevated blood sugar levels (over 100) for just several hours can start to destroy the Beta cells in your pancreas. These cells are responsible for producing the insulin needed to balance our blood sugar. The more often you allow your blood sugar to rise above this level, the more likely you will ultimately end up with irreversible damage to your organs, and suffer with painful conditions the rest of your life.

It is important to take steps to balance your blood sugar now while you still have a chance - before the damage is done. You can start by getting your blood sugar tested and take the steps to maintain a normal range of fasting blood sugar in the 80 to 85 range.

The good news is that Pharma Defense has developed a new product that can help lower unwanted blood sugar levels and restore you back to normal levels.

DIABETES DEFENSE is a new patented product made for balancing blood sugar and weight control. It is backed by double-blind clinical studies, and is the only natural product shown to help balance blood sugar, reduce fat, and lower triglycerides - with just one gel cap per day.

According to clinical studies, if your blood sugar levels rise above 100, damage to your nerves and organs is already occurring. The potential for kidney damage, blindness, dialysis, amputation, neuropathy, and heart attack are all greatly increased and that damage usually occurs well before your doctor even diagnoses you with pre-diabetes or diabetes!

Please consider that nearly 40% of all people in the U.S. over 20 years of age have elevated blood sugar or glucose intolerance and 1/3 of the elderly have diabetes, and 75% of the elderly have elevated blood sugar. Once the Beta cells die, they do not regenerate and you are then left diabetic, with potentially life altering complications.

If high blood sugar levels are left untreated it can cause severe damage which could result in:

  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Kidney failure
  • Blindness
  • Amputation
  • Neuropathy
  • Hardening of the Arteries
  • Increased Cholesterol
  • Increased Triglycerides
  • Elevated Blood Pressure
  • Weight Gain & Fat Storage

Once you are diagnosed with Diabetes, your health care costs will triple, and you will be forced to make drastic life style changes or you will risk serious health consequences. Statistics show that diabetics have a limb amputated every six minutes or go permanently blind every 23 minutes!

Here are some case studies to show the effectiveness of Diabetes Defense:

Diabetes Defense underwent double blind clinical trials with ninety-four pre-diabetic subjects that proved:

“After treatment, fasting blood glucose was decreased in the 32 mg and 48 mg groups after 4 weeks, but did not change in the placebo group."

"Body mass index (BMI) was significantly decreased in the 48 mg group as compared with the placebo group at 12 weeks. The decrease in total fat area was also significantly greater in the 48 mg group than in the placebo group at 12 weeks."

Conclusion: The present study suggests that ingestion of isohumulone has beneficial effects in diabetes and obesity.” Central Laboratories for Frontier Technology, Kirin Holdings Company Ltd., Japan

Many other products on the market for balancing blood sugar levels contain many ingredients such as cinnamon, ginseng, nopal cactus, gymnema, chromium, vanadyl sulfate and the problem with these is that you must take very large doses with each meal so they can absorb the carbohydrates and reduce the amount of sugar going into your body. Some of these formulas require four before each meal.

Diabetes Defense has only ONE main ingredient caled isohumulone. It works by reducing your blood sugar level with just one daily dose and it’s also much more affordable. Studies have also shown that patients taking the product have also lowered their belly fat and their triglyceride levels. That means that Diabetes Defense is the only natural product known that affects three of the four key danger signs of the Metabolic Syndrome.

Diabetes Defense immediately begins working on two different genes to improve the way sugar and fat is processed in the body. It will actually change the way your cells allow insulin to pass through the cell walls and the way that fat cells are being metabolized. These fat cells of the mid-section or belly fat are called “Visceral Fat” and this is the most dangerous fat to your health and longevity, and also the hardest to lose!

Not only does Diabetes Defense work to lower and balance your blood sugar levels, but you will begin to lose belly fat overtime.

The clinical study mentioned above showed that:

Diabetes Defense with isohumulone will:

  • Help lower and balance your blood sugar levels
  • Help you to lose your belly fat
  • Lower your triglycerides

As a positive result, you will have:

  • Plenty more energy to get through the day
  • Sugar balance to shake your mood swings
  • Better control over sugar cravings
  • Better control over how your fat is metabolized

As mentioned earlier that much of the damage to your organs and nerves occurs before you are diagnosed with Pre-diabetes or Diabetes, people generally do not even think about their blood sugar levels until damage has been done. Don’t wait to start controlling your blood sugar.

  • Damage to nerves occur at levels over 100
  • Damage to Beta cells occur at levels over 100
  • Damage to the retina can occur at over 115
  • Damage to the circulatory system can occur at over 155.
  • BUT you not diagnosed as a diabetic until you hit 200

Diabetes and obesity are currently rising at alarming epidemic rates - proof that diet and exercise alone are not working.

Of course, any time your health is at stake, you must talk with your health care practitioner. However, anything that can help you stay vibrant and healthy is well worth a closer look. And Diabetes Defense is the life-changing, patented solution to your concerns about your blood sugar levels.


Isohumulones.................................................................................................................100mg per serving

(Derived from hops flowers, humulus Lupulus L.)

Other Ingredients: Capsule shell - Phosphatidylcolin lecithin, vegetable sterate. Contains lethcithin (soy). Contains NO milk, dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, treenuts, peanuts, wheat, gluten, or gelatin.


Take only 1 Vegetable Capsule Daily (comes in either 30 or 60 capsule bottles)