Baldness is Now an Option!

Baldness is Now an Option!

Discover a guaranteed solution that will reverse your hair loss quickly and safely without expensive prescriptions or painful surgeries!

ello, my name is John Jacobson. I am the male aesthetics advisor with Natural Share™. Do you ever wake up in the morning thinking you need to find something but you can''t remember what it is? You walk around your bedroom scratching your head, trying to remember what you lost.

That''s how I used to feel every day when I woke up . . . what had I lost? Well, when I scratched my head I realized it was my hair! I felt helpless and embarrassed.

Do you feel that way, too? You didn''t choose to be bald. Day in and day out, are you ashamed of your thinning hair? You want to feel normal and confident but every time you stand in a crowd, you only feel . . . bald.

It even crippled my career! The guy with the full head of thick hair moved into that corner office. And he got the attention from the ladies. After all, it''s a natural instinct for the lioness to "swarm and lust" after the lion with the fullest mane and the greatest "pride."

Every weekend, when I hit the nightlife, the music would bring me back to the time and the place when I was king of the jungle. Then, some cute woman would pat my bald head, giggle, walk away and I knew I was no longer a player. Do you feel like all you can do is watch from the sidelines as your hairline continues to recede? I did.

You''ve read about Rogaine and Minoxidal and perhaps set up the free consultations at various surgical hair replacement centers. Even if you can afford the implants, do you want to go through the pain and risk of infection that comes with multiple incisions in your scalp?

Many surgical implant "victims" describe the pain as "horrendous" not only during the procedures but long after. Your skin is tugged and pulled and stretched to the limit, then sewn together. Also, your hair continues to recede behind the transplant area. You end up taking Propecia and Rogaine the rest of your life. Or you lose the hair behind your implants and your head looks pretty strange.

You Can Get Back in the Game with HairMax MD™!

Did you know that more than 74% of Americans make the choice for good health through natural, alternative medicines? You might use alternative medicines to address your other health issues. Why not try an alternative solution for your hair loss?

I am a lucky guy. I work for Natural Share™, so I was one of the first to find out when our scientific research team came up with this amazing discovery.

You''re a lucky guy, too, because you are here learning the secret of how to reverse male pattern baldness!

Get the lion''s share out of life!

  • HairMax MD™ reverses male pattern baldness on the top, middle and front of your head.
  • Only HairMax MD™ reverses your balding with no risk of pain or side effects.
  • HairMax MD™ is completely hypoallergenic and poses no harmful side effects.
  • HairMax MD™ is guaranteed to work or It''s FREE!

The research scientists of Natural Share™ have more than 30 years combined experience in developing breakthrough medical discoveries. Their latest discovery, a process they refer to as Follicular Regeneration™, feeds and revives sluggish hair follicles, enabling you to grow a strong, healthy head of hair once again. HairMax MD™ uses Follicular Regeneration™ to:

  1. Decrease the negative effects of androgens on hair growth.
  2. Fuel hair health and growth with more than 150 targeted micronutrients, vitamins and minerals.
  3. Increase the blood flow throughout the blood vessels in the scalp.

Male Pattern Baldness (androgenic loss of hair) happens when your hair follicles are weakened by the androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The DHT gradually constricts blood flow to the hair bulb, weakening the hair until it falls out. New hair growing into this weakened follicle is thinner and frail. Eventually, the follicle can no longer create new hair.

Some prescription hair loss remedies block DHT, causing your male hormone level to drop. The result can be lower libido, reduced sex drive, lower sperm count, erectile dysfunction and male breast growth (gynecomastia).

HairMax MD™ does NOT interfere with your virility! Your newly found confidence will actually increase it! You see, HairMax MD™ works with your body''s natural processes to foster rapid and lasting results with ZERO negative side effects. Don''t take my word for it. We have scientific proof that HairMax MD™ really does work!

Read the research. Decide for yourself.
The sooner you act, the better!

Let''s face it. A lot of products cater to the male pattern baldness market. However, perception and truth do not always meet in the same sentence. While these companies claim to offer miracle solutions that generate hair growth, they truly only generate money, false hopes and potentially dangerous side effects. No other products really address the cause of male pattern baldness at the hair''s root.

Check out these Amazing Hairmax MD™ Results!

A natural, topical formula, HairMax MD™ enriches your hair and scalp with the nutrients that sluggish hair follicles and scalp tissue crave and your healthy hair doesn''t fall out! The fresh, clean scent is pleasant and will not give you a medicinal odor.

HairMax MD™ consists of botanical extracts proven to:

  • Stimulate natural hair growth.
  • Reduce hair loss.
  • Nourish the scalp and help relieve dandruff, psoriasis and dry scalp.
  • Tackle hair loss at the source.

When using HairMax MD™, you can expect new hair growth as well as a dramatic decrease in hair loss within 4-6 months of use.

Doctor-recommended HairMax MD™ has the same exact science behind it as all products from Natural Share™. We would not stake our combined 30-year strong global reputation on anything less than real hair growth success!

HairMax MD™ is the most important Alternative Medicine breakthrough in hair loss that science has EVER made. HairMax MD™ is a Safe, Natural and Painless formula that revitalizes and REGROWS YOUR OWN HAIR!

72% of our customers come from word-of-mouth referrals or refill orders. Here are some of their life-changing testimonials.

What Our Customers are Saying . . .

You, too, can expect similar results.

Submitted by: Jared Davidson
From: Chaffee, Missouri
On: June 8, 2007

"I''m Too Young to Be Going Bald!"

28-year old Jared Wants Hair, Not Side Effects

I started to lose my hair when I was around 22 years old. It was slowly thinning over time and the hairs around my forehead would just stop growing after a certain length, about one inch. I saw my barber regularly and one day I recalled him telling me "well you better get married soon" which ended up being the last time I went to him.

I decided if I was going to go bald I was going to do something about it at least. A few days later, I found myself reading up on Rogaine and Minoxidal. I was terrified by the side effects of the prescription drugs for hair loss prevention. My physician assistant told me they would probably give me my hair back but did not recommend the drugs for me if I still wanted to have children. I was not sure what that meant so I rushed out. Months grew into years as I just sat by seeing my hairline diminish northward. Then my dad told me about HairMax MD. It was working for him. Since the Vin Diesel bald look wasn''t working for me, I decided to give it a try. It''s only been four weeks and I am SEEING results. My hair''s not gone today and I''ll be seeing more tomorrow. LOL.

Submitted by: Kelly Rozema
From: Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada

"I really didn''t expect to see hair grow back so quickly."

Alex''s Bald Spot Filled with Youthful Curls

In late August my husband, Alex, developed a bald spot on the back of his head about the size of a silver dollar. We have no clue why, but within a period of one month, the hair was completely gone from that spot. We began applying the liquid HairMax MD to the spot according to the directions on the bottle. Needless to say, I was anxious to see what would happen, so I checked every few days and, low and behold, by the end of the second week there was hair beginning to grow in that bald spot! I was totally blown away! I guess I really didn''t expect to see hair growing back so quickly. It was like a miracle and, by mid October, I could not even identify where that bald spot had been! The hair had grown back fully and as thick as always. It''s amazing! Now we know that, if any more hair falls out, it will grow back. What a treat! We will certainly be using HairMax MD regularly. This is one product that certainly lives up to its name. Thanks, HairMax MD!

Submitted by: William Rohrback
From: Ava, Missouri
On: July 8, 2007

"Hair is coming back, now!"

William is 83 and growing new hair!

I am 83 years old and have been experiencing hair loss in the last few years. Each time I shampoo, more hair comes out. Since using the HairMax MD, my hair loss significantly minimized. In addition, hair is now coming back. This has been a blessing for me - Thank you HairMax MD.

Submitted by: Arlen Granger
From: Abilene, Texas
On: February 15, 2007

"My wife''s proud to be on my arm again"

Joining the "Hair Club" Almost Ruined Arlen''s Social Life

I handled mid-life without a crisis except for one, losing my hair. When my wife would no longer tolerate the comb-over I decided to join the Hair Club. That ad where the guys drive convertibles around Hawaii and dive off cliffs and they come out shaking a full thick natural head of hair caught me hook, line and sinker. I found out the hard way that it''s not "Your Hair Club" but an "Expensive, Glorified Toupee" club. I got a second job just to pay a fortune to have a piece of fur glued to my head. It felt and looked fine at first but I started to get shy about going out in public with my wife for fear someone would see it was fake hair on my head. When I started getting irritations and infections on my scalp, she didn''t want to be seen with me unless I wore a hat-and that made the itching worse.

I had the "fur" removed-paid more money. When I got back home I looked in the bathroom mirror and I felt like crying. I felt taken advantage of, ugly and just plain screwed. Well my depressed attitude set my wife to do something about it. She searched online and found HairMax MD. The money back guarantee was something the hair club never gave me. Well guess what. No more fake fur. No more comb-over. This 60 something head is actually sprouting new hair. My wife''s proud to be back on my arm again. Thank you MicroNutra!

With a great product like HairMax MD™ the news travels fast . . . As seen on these great sites.

For most men, having a full head of hair is better than owning a 1937 Mercedes Benz 540K Special Roadster. No matter what you drive, you feel like your riding in style when HairMax MD™ brings back your own hair. Our customers report:

  • Revitalized sex appeal.
  • Increased productivity at work and more happiness at home.
  • Plenty of confidence in every social situation.
  • Receiving compliments on how they look so much younger.
  • Having an all round better self-image.

The Urban Legends

  • My mother made me bald. Actually genetics on both sides of your family play a part in male pattern baldness.
  • Hair products, sun exposure, excessive washing, blow drying and color treatments can kill hair. These may damage existing hair, but will not cause hair loss at the root.
  • Cutting hair and standing on your head will encourage hair growth. Hair grows about a half inch a month, no matter what.
  • Anabolic steroids can cause hair loss. True! Hair loss is one of many dangerous steroid side effects.

This one is NOT A MYTH! I absolutely GUARANTEE that with HairMax MD™ you will see VISIBLE RESULTS within 4-6 months!

Bald or Bold?

Which Do You Want to Be?

Now the choice is yours. Your hair loss will never reverse itself without a solution. Your solution is HairMax MD™.

Imagine cruising the freeway with the wind in your full head of hair. Imagine taking your hat off with confidence. Imagine sitting across from a beautiful woman and feeling confident when she looks your way. It''s not a dream. It''s a choice. Your choice.

HairMax MD™ is proven effective in restoring hair for a more handsome you. That''s a strong claim but we have thousands of success cases and a "Visible Results in 4-6 Months or It''s Free" guarantee to back it up.

Of all the options for hair restoration, HairMax MD™ is the only all-natural solution that has all the ingredients essential to reversing male pattern baldness, safely and effectively. Unlike prescription hair loss products, HairMax MD™ contains NO dangerous finasteride or minoxidil, two toxic ingredients found in prescription hair restoration formulas that should never come in contact with the human body.

Prescription solutions have potentially dangerous side effects:

  • Finasteride: (Propecia) Though it does increase hair count and stops hair loss, it can cause sexual performance problems including impotence and erectile dysfunction.
  • Minoxidil: (Rogaine) While it can successfully cause new hair growth, the hair is usually finer and thinner. It often causes skin irritation, inflammation and redness at the site of application. Side effects also include irritation of the eyes, chest pain, unwanted facial hair and irregular heartbeat.

HairMax MD™, works by:

  1. Decreasing the negative effects of androgens on hair growth.
  2. Fueling hair health and growth with more than 150 targeted vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micronutrients.
  3. Increasing the blood flow throughout the blood vessels in the scalp.

HairMax MD™ works with your body''s natural processes to foster rapid and lasting results with ZERO negative side effects. Don''t take my word for it. We have scientific proof that HairMax MD™ really does work!

More than 74% of HairMax MD™ Users See Results!

In a recent clinical study, participants applied HairMax MD™ as directed, twice daily, once in the morning after thoroughly cleaning the hair and scalp and once in the evening. Assessment of hair thinning was documented before the study began with photographs and actual, visual inspection.

At the end of the study, 29 out of 39 participants saw visible results! Twenty-one were thrilled with thicker, healthier hair. An additional 8 participants showed improvement in both hair length and strength.

The key ingredients in HairMax MD™ restore your handsome head of hair.

Hypoallergenic Swedish Flower Pollen Extract
This unique blend of Flower Pollens helps reduce the negative effects of naturally occurring androgens that weaken the hair follicles. It creates stronger, healthier, more lustrous hair growth and helps to restore the natural hair replacement cycle.
Jojoba Oil
A highly effective hair cleanser and conditioner, Jojoba is nearly identical to sebum, your body''s natural hair and skin lubricant. Jojoba also unclogs hair follicles and restores the hair''s natural pH balance. It also relieves itchy, dry and flaky scalp.
Aloe Vera
Used by the Native Americans to prevent hair loss, Aloe Vera promotes scalp health by balancing pH and cleansing the pores.
Tea Tree Oil
A highly effective antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal, Tea Tree Oil fights the aging effects of grease and pollution by opening hair follicles so they can receive nutrition.
Lemon Oil
The vitamins and micronutrients in Lemon Oil improves circulation, helps eliminate dandruff and stimulates immune function. Lemon Oil also has a pleasant scent, used in aromatherapy to relieve stress.
Vitamin E (Tocopherol)
Vitamin E is essential for normal hair growth. It is needed for healthy circulation.
An essential building block of the hair, skin and nails, Biotin (vitamin B7) helps the body metabolize proteins and fats and process glucose.
Zinc (Chloride and Oxide)
Essential to all body processes, Zinc is especially important to hair and skin cell regeneration. Zinc deficiency can cause alopecia.

And More . . . HairMax MD™ feeds your hair follicles 34 vitamins and minerals, 18 essential amino acids, 71 enzymes, 17 carotenoids and flavinoids plus antioxidants, lipids, prostaglandins, ligases and phytosterols-all targeted to nourish and replenish your healthy head of hair.

Every product manufactured for Natural Share™ is done so in an FDA approved facility under "Good Manufacturing Practices" guidelines. These guidelines ensure that every product sold by Natural Share™ is of the highest quality and purest form. We won''t trust your health to anything less, and neither should you!

We''ve proved that HairMax MD™ works. We see it every day in customer re-orders and testimonials. We are so confident HairMax MD™ will work for you, too, that we give you our "Less Hair Loss Today, More Hair Growth Tomorrow" guarantee.

Although it will take 4-6 months to see full results, you will begin to see your hair loss problem turn around within 90 days. If for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely satisfied, simply let us know within 90 days of your purchase and we''ll reverse your payment like it never happened.

You Have a 90-Day Promise!
(Literally right up until the 90th day!)

I promise you that HairMax MD™ . . .

  • Costs less than incomplete principle brands.
  • Has all the key nutrients to address your hair loss.
  • Has NO negative side effects.

A 30-day supply of HairMax MD™ costs less than $2.50 per day at the single bottle price. That''s less than the tip you leave your barber for trimming a balding head. Most of our customers opt to save even more money by taking advantage of our multi-bottle price break, which allows a significant savings of up to 50%.

Either way it''s all GUARANTEED!

Compared to hair you stand to lose if you don''t make a change right now, $2.50 is just a drop in the bucket. What else can you do for $2.50 that will so greatly affect the quality of your life, your career, your family and your relationships?

You''ve already taken the first step on the natural path to hair restoration!

Don''t hesitate. Order now . . .

Q: How do I use HairMax MD™?
A: Simply massage a few drops of HairMax MD™ into your scalp, morning and night. After 15 minutes, its initial scent mellows into a slight, fresh aroma.

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