Your friends and relatives will cherish

Your friends and relatives will cherish

Your friends and relatives will cherish the fact that you did this yourself. Here are some ideas for a healthy gift basket:

Don''t forget your friends who might be vegetarians. There are magazines and foods they will enjoy which can be added to their special basket.

These health baskets can be adapted to those with other health issues such as diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure.

Learn the healthy way to solve some common health problems. Find out why cherry juice, coffee and tea are good for you, how to boost your immune system, plus other great health tips.

Live your healthiest life now with Juice Plus. Juice Plus contains the nutrients of 17 different raw fruits, vegetables and grains in whole food form. Get your fruit and veggies with this simple, easy to follow program. Read the latest research.

Relaxation brings health, balance and harmony to your life. Learn more about relaxation techniques such as meditation and deep breathing.

Wellness Vacations are a great way to restore peace and harmony in your life. Find out how to choose one and possible destinations

Learn to take weight off and keep it off the healthy way, including how to eat out and still watch those calories

What nicer thing could you do for a friend or loved one than to give the gift of health during the holiday or for any special occasion? Here are some ideas to help your friends and family have a healthier, happier new year.

Gift certificates are always appreciated and you can easily combine this with the gift of health. Here are some ideas for healthy gift certificates:

  • Healthy shopping online-many vitamin and health websites offer gift certificates so whoever you give this gift to can pick and choose from a list of vitamin supplements, health drinks and energy bars
  • Buy a gift certificate for a class in yoga, meditation, pilates or tae bo. Whatever sort of class you think the recipient might enjoy but has never tried.