Why You Should Take Care of the Health of Your Eyes

Why You Should Take Care of the Health of Your Eyes

Most of us lead stressful, hectic lives, unaware of the fact that this has a huge negative effect on our bodies. Our eyes go through maximum exertion throughout the day, causing redness, puffiness and aching. This may ultimately damage the eyes.
The good news is that you can counter most stress related eye ailments if you take regular care. Here are some useful tips to make things easier:

1.Yearly Check-Ups

A complete eye check-up once a year is an absolute must; you must never keep the check-up pending until you experience serious vision troubles. Delaying a visit not only increases existing problems, but may also create new ones. This is all the more necessary for those using glasses or lenses, because wearing wrong glasses will give you headaches, apart from vision problems. Therefore, if you can''t see well with your current glasses, have blurry vision or headaches, its time for a check-up, even if it''s not a year since the last time. An eye check up will help you keep many problems at bay.

2.Protect Your Eyes

Eyes and the area surrounding it are delicate and needs to be protected against the sun and dust. The best way to do this is to wear sunglasses whenever you''re outdoors. There are many people who think that contact lenses are enough protection for their eyes; which is incorrect as lenses merely protect your eyes, whereas sunglasses provide total protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays. You must choose sunglasses carefully by ensuring that their protection factor is not less than 98%. Another misconception is the fact that sunglasses are not required on cloudy days. In reality, they are as necessary on cloudy days as on sunny days. As clouds don''t block UV rays, the damage to your eyes is not less in any way.

3.Eat Right

There is no evidence to prove that your eyes are seriously affected by the diet and eating habits we follow, or that vision problems may be cured by eating or avoiding certain foods. However, a balanced and healthy diet can resist existing eye disorders, maintain eye health and also ward off some eye ailments. The food groups that are most beneficial for the eye are vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamins A, C and E. Minerals such as Zinc and Folic acid are good for your eyes. So make sure that you include lots of red fruits like carrots and citrus fruits like grapes or oranges to your diet.

4.Give your Eyes Proper Rest

Most importantly, you have to remember that eyes, like the rest of your body deserve proper rest. It''s advisable that you don''t compromise on your sleeping hours, or work on the computer for too long at a stretch, as these exert immense pressure on the eyes. Staring at the computer reduces blinking of the eyes, thereby causing them to dry up.

These are some of the simple ways, yet if you are careful to follow them regularly, you can keep your eyes in perfect shape. Take care!

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Author: Suzanne Hughes