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Any good websites for a nutrition research paper?

I’m writing a research paper for my Culinary class, anyone have some amazing sites or books that I should look at? I’m doing it based off of what we now consider to be nutrition and what we used to consider it to be and how the media and our fast paced world has set our standards. Any advice on what I should look at would be appreciated!

I have to do a research paper for my Nutrition class , any suggestions on a topic?? thanks people.

Research paper topic for nutrition class?

I am in college and I am taking a Nutrition class. Each week two people have to do a research paper on a current health issue and present it to the class. This week I have to do mine, but I have no idea what to do for a topic. Some of the things other people have already done are caffeine, childhood obesity, and organic food. I DO NOT want to do H1N1 (swine flu) so please don’t suggest it. Any other suggestions are very welcome and appreciated! Thank you!!

I’m doing an exhibit on fast food, and i need more sources.

i really need things with alot about ray kroc. any books on him?

i know about super size me, fast food nation (book&movie), and chew on this.

are there any other books/movies specifically on the fast food industry? and how accurate are these books/movies. they were researched as well and they know what they’re talking about right?

I need info from the scientific standpoint (clogs arteries, fat build up etc.) and how it effects the body. whats in the meat/food.

i kno that i can go to the restaurants and get a nutrition pamphlet.

i need how fast food has changed, whats being done to eliminate the bad things in it, how its changed family life etc.

i also need the positive ends of it: the corporate world & what they’re doing to help the community (ie ronald mcdonald house..anything else like that?), jobs etc. i have some other positives, but dont really need help finding stuff on that.

oh and if you know of other topics or things to talk about that would be great!

What topic should i pick for my major research report for food/nutrition course?

Basically i have a major report (ISU)(independant study unit) its for the course food and nutrition in grade 12. I need a topic with tons of articles sources and information if someone can pick top 3 from the following that would be ever so nice.

Food allergies, calcium osteoporosis, effect of caffeine, lactose intolerance, food for athletes, women & iron deficiency, malnutrition & elderly, colon cancer & fibre intakes, childhood obesity, folic acid& neural tube defects, food additives, vegetarian diets (concern for protein), artificial sweeteners effects, diabetes, anti-cancer food, soy beans-food for future, Trans fats, cholesterol & arteriosclerosis, sugar: (dental, hyperactivity, obesity, diabetes) , low car diets vs. Canada’s food guide, dietary supplements (safe?, new? Needed?), digestive disorders, hypo glycaemia, high protein diets (effect on kidney), organic foods (government regulations, terminology, new technology), fast food, Eating disorders: anorexia, Bulimia, Compulsive eating (choose 1), Fad diets (South beach diet, Atkins etc Choose 1), Serving sizes (have they changed?, effects on weight, attitude, learning ability), Tap water vs. bottled water, Holistic medicine, herbal supplements, Red wine (benefits/ heart health), Salt (hyper tensions & risk to health), chocolate (flavorids, healthful properties).

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