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Diet drugs have come a long way since the addictive amphetamines of the 1950s.

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Pineapple diet – one of the most popular and tasty diet.

Pineapple diet – one of the most popular and tasty diet. Calculated it for 2 days and during this time promises to deliver a couple of extra pounds. Every day should eat 2 kg of pineapples, pineapple juice drink 2l without sugar. During the day, also need to eat 100g of low fat cottage cheese [...]

Body Fat: What Are the Dangers?

Many people who are watching their weight — or trying to lose some pounds — turn to their bathroom scale. But that old familiar standby is not the only way to measure one’s size. Another possibility to consider is your body fat percentage. Body Fat: What Are the Dangers? When most of us hear the [...]

Women have more fat than muscle is the question?

Fat burning in women is more difficult than in men for various reasons. However, if you understand the reasons that support this fact and take appropriate action, you can achieve a firm and feminine figure. Women Have More Fat Than Muscle; Women have almost double the fat as men to help them bear and nurse [...]

Good diet support consists of being equipped with the right information and emotional support. Dieting can be frustrating and stressful. Supportive friends can help you in your efforts to lose weight by listening when you’re frustrated, exercising with you on a regular basis, reviewing your food journal and encouraging you when they see positive changes.A [...]

Easy Exercise Tips.Daily exercise does not mean having a gym membership; the following easy exercise tips will help you know how to exercise at home without spending excess time and money. Read on Due to the increased health awareness, people are becoming increasingly health conscious. Most of us follow a proper diet, and also chalk [...]

Age doesnt matter if you have !

While you are looking around for a workout partner in order to get fit, just a hand shake away is one in form of mother and/or a daughter. Age doesnt matter if you have a daughter who is a pre-schooler, grade schooler, teenager and so on. This will not help in building your physical fitness [...]

Six pack abs, a lean body.

Six pack abs, a lean body, a broad back, and strong muscular arms and legs. What does this description remind you of? A fitness model or a grotesque looking hulk like bodybuilder.Im going to go with the fitness model. Everyone wants a perfectly sculpted body and when we see them on posters and in magazines, for [...]

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