Important Hormones We Should Be Aware Of

Important Hormones We Should Be Aware Of

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Important Hormones We Should Be Aware Of

There are many hormones in our bodies, but did you know there were some that are key hormones?  Below I include a list of hormones, what they are, what they do in our bodies and what can happen if they are unbalanced.

Progesterone this hormone is important for ovulation and menstruation.  If this hormone is unbalanced or low it can lead to mood changes, trouble sleeping, foggy thinking, weight gain and joint or muscle pain.

Testosterone this hormone is responsible for the male characteristics and sex drive; found primarily in men but also will find low levels in women.  If this hormone is unbalanced the most prominent effect is lowered sex drive, as well as decreased muscle tone, lethargy, weight gain, and an increased risk of heart disease.

Estrogen - this hormone is responsible for the female characteristics and sexual function; found mainly in females but men will also have this hormone in lower levels.  If this hormone is unbalanced a woman will experience hot flashes, dryness, loss of sex drive, night sweats, and mood swings that are usually associated with menopause.  The lower levels will increase the risk of heart disease, bone fractures and sometimes strokes.

Insulin this hormone regulates the blood glucose levels.  When the insulin level is low, the cells cannot absorb glucose molecules; this also occurs with a resistance to insulin.  Without treatment, whether by diet or medication, the effects on the body will be irreparable.

Cortisol this hormone helps to regulate blood pressure, the bodys use of  proteins, carbohydrates and fats as well as cardiovascular function.  The unbalance of this hormone is usually attributed to stress, which will increase the levels of cortisol that can lead to high blood pressure, increased blood sugar and decreased libido.

Thyroid the thyroid gland produces a group of 3 hormones which control metabolism which is the conversion of oxygen and calories to energy.  This is a major and most critical function in the human body.  When unbalanced symptoms include fatigue, short-term memory issues, depression, apathy, and in some cases hallucinations.

Adrenaline - this hormone increases the blood flow and heart activity which makes the body ready for extra exertion and energy.  When this hormone in unbalanced it will cause stress, anxiety attacks, weight disorders, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, shortness of breath as well as fibromyalgia.

The hormones listed above are all key hormones within our bodies and the more we are aware of them and what symptoms may occur with their imbalance, the more aware we become of our bodies and health as a whole.

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