FACES, Inc. "Families Achieving Connections through Encouragement and Support" is a non-profit organization geared toward helping families obtain the services and support they need to make more informed life decisions that increase the probability for functioning in a productive manner.

Provide relevant information, tools and resources that empower families to achieve improved levels of self-sufficiency and facilitating favorable circumstances through awareness, education and support

Inspire, encourage and motivate at-risk youth and their families through community partnerships and associated support services that help families identify, pursue and attain lifetime objectives

Offer a buffet of collaborative community partnerships, support services and other community related resources to provide transitional housing and assistance, education and training, basic and advanced life skills, mentoring and other rehabilitative services that sustain meaningful lifestyle improvement

Through its collaborative efforts and community partnerships FACES, Inc provides educational services and support as the designated site to work with K-12 students helping them improve in the areas of learning ability, academic development and attentiveness;

Symbolic Art an after school program which offers arts & craft projects, community service activities, recreation, sports and seasonal camps through The Symbolic Art Center where youth ages 4-14 go to have fun as they make new friends and interact socially with others;

Milestone Transitional Homes, a transitional housing and independent living program for homeless youth exiting foster care and juvenile services. Youth and young adults ages 16-21 are welcome to participate in this safe living environment where basic skills and economics are taught, i.e. budgeting, cooking, cleaning, setting and achieving personal and educational goals;

The Rock of Israel, Christian Fellowship (R.O.I.C.F) a non-profit, community based initiative, provides perishable and non-perishable household goods via its food bank, clothing bank along with other essential personal hygiene items;

FACES, Inc sponsored haircuts and other discounts offered by the ownership at: 1st Impressions Barbershop committed to helping young men and adults feel better about themselves through an improved appearance, encouragement and related confidence building mentoring

Dreana Sweeney is the founder of PHASES, Inc. a behavioral health, social rehabilitation and counseling agency; FACES, Inc. a non-profit community outreach organization.

Ms. Sweeney is checking her Smart Phone in the first of several transitional homes that will be used to house residents, ages 16 to 21.
With the goal to provide all necessary services to include onsite counselors available 24 hours a day, Dreana and her team are set to take on the challenge to make an impact within the community through the transitional housing program.

From helping foster children transition into independent living to encouraging juvenile offenders to learn how to make better choices in life and get back on track toward being productive citizens.

Through her vision, Ms. Dreana Sweeney nurtures long standing relationships within the Justice System, Foster Care System, Probation, Parole and within the community abroad to provide what she believes people deserve ... a fighting chance.

She demonstrates this by inspiring teenage moms, juvenile offenders, felons and others who are considered "at-risk" to achieve personal, educational success and community involvement. No stranger to fighting for young people Ms. Sweeney has served as foster parent and guardian angel to youth in need ever since she graduated from high school and moved into her first apartment at age 16. "To this day", she says "I am ''Mom'' to over 300 youth in Nevada," "They all call me Mom, and I look like I could be their little sister."

With a broad background with degrees in criminal justice, business and psychology blended with personal experience and decades working with state and local children''s service organizations, Ms. Sweeney is on the front lines and determined to do her part within the community.

"I worked at Child Haven for fifteen years and during that time I recognized the biggest problem was people were not addressing the root cause associated with negative behavior," she said. "I always believed young people should be assessed and placed with a family where there was a good fit."

In Ms. Sweeney''s youth, foster care was close to home. Her grandmother and aunt cared for several children in need and instilled a certain state of mind in her.

"The way I was raised, when a foster child came into our home, they were considered a brother or sister," she said. "This is just part of me and the way I see it."

However, this mentality is not shared widely. As a child advocate and foster parent, Ms. Sweeney relates her experience seeing children being shuffled through 15 to 40 foster homes during their adolescence. She recalls one of her most recent children (a teenage mom) who reconnected with her after retrieving her number from an old phone. This young mom had been replaced more than sixty times within a two year period.

Later, in her career as a prison officer, she witnessed juvenile offenders transition from foster care to criminal records and jail time.

Under the PHASES, Inc. umbrella, Ms. Sweeney is at the helm of two recently launched sub-programs, FACES, Inc and Milestone Transitional Homes, to address separate but related needs of PHASES, Inc clients.

Ms. Sweeney started the FACES, Inc program after a holiday season spent dipping into her own pocket to help clients.

Ms. Sweeney works one-on-one with clients and is often the liaison or advocate in the classroom, courtroom and living room, as PHASES, Inc. programming also targets family dynamics which contribute to behavioral issues.

She is currently working on a doctorate in psychology and despite a packed day planner, Ms. Sweeney plans to keep up her stamina and her mission ... "Until it''s time for me to get my wings, I''ll be doing this," she said.

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By Maggie Lillis