Are There Dangerous Ingredients in the Food We Eat?

Are There Dangerous Ingredients in the Food We Eat?

Do you suffer from health problems like cancer or heart disease? Does your child have ADD or learning disabilities? Are you struggling with weight problems?

  • Hormones, steroids and antibiotics found in animal products – Even if you don''t eat meat, you could still be getting these dangerous ingredients in your diet-if the vegetables you eat are treated with the manure of animals with these in their system.
  • MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) – this is a chemical ingredient which is used to stimulate tastebuds. It may not even be listed on the food label if it were mixed with another chemical prior to being put into our food.
  • High fructose Corn Syrup – This ingredient is cheaper to produce than sugar but it is still sugar. Take a look at the label of many of the foods you eat. You will see fat-causing high frutose corn syrup listed.
  • Artificial sweeteners – if you purchase diet foods and drinks, they are sweetened with artificial sweeteners. There is great debate as to whether or not these ingredients are safe.

The only sure way to protect yourself from these chemicals and ingredients is to eat organic food and buy organically raised meat. Also, become a label reader and look for products which do not contain these ingredients.

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